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Contact Info:

Mark J. Rood, Ph.D.

Ivan Racheff Professor of Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Illinois
3230E Newmark Lab, MC-250
205 N. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801 USA

Tel. (217) 333-6963
Fax. (217) 333-9464


Bench-Scale Electrothermal-Swing Adsorption (ESA) System for Organic Gases

Research Currently being performed by:

Dave Johnsen

Kaitlin Mallouk

Bench-scale ESA System for Organic Gases

Eelectrothermal-swing adsorption (ESA) with activated carbon fiber cloth (ACFC) adsorbent can be used to capture and recover organic gases. The bench-scale ESA system for organic vapor removal and recovery has been modified for the capture of organic gases and recovery of the gases as a liquid. Based on experiments and simulations it is expected that the system will have 99.8% capture and recovery efficiency.


User interface of control software for organic gas adsorption and desorption





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