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Contact Info:

Mark J. Rood, Ph.D.

Ivan Racheff Professor of Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Illinois
3230E Newmark Lab, MC-250
205 N. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801 USA

Tel. (217) 333-6963
Fax. (217) 333-9464

Journal Publications


Yuen, W., Ma, Q., Koloutsou-Vakakis, S., Du, K., Rood, M.J. (2017) LIDAR Equation Inversion Methods and Uncertainties in Measuring Fugitive Particulate Matter Emission Factors, J. Applied Optics, pp. 11,, in press.



Hu, M.-M., Emamipour, H., Johnson, D.L., Rood, M.J., Song, L., Zhang, Z. (2017) Monitor and Control of an Electrothermal Swing Adsorption System using Electrical Properties of the Adsorbent for Organic Compound Abatement, Environmental Science & Technology, 51(13), 7581-7589.

AQES\Carbon\Ming-Ming Hu Emamipour electrical properties EST 2017.pdf


Tian, Y., Liu, X., Rood, M.J., Yan, Z.-F. (2017) Study on Deposited Coke over VOx-K2Oγ-Al2O3 Catalyst in the Non-Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Isobutane, J. of Applied Catalysis A, 545, 1-9.

AQES\Carbon\Tian Liu Rood J Applied Catalysis 2017.pdf


Xu, P., Koloutsou-Vakakis, S., Rood, M.J., Luan, S. (2017) Projections of NH3 Emissions from Manure Generated by Livestock Production in China to 2030 under Six Mitigation Scenarios, Science of the Total Environment, 607–608, 78–86, DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.06.258.

AQES\Aerosol\Xu Peng NH3 emissions from manure 2017.pdf


Pelay, U., Luo, L., Fan, Y., Stitou, D., Rood, M.J. (2017) Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Concentrated Solar Power Plants, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 79, 82-100, ISSN 1364-0321,

AQES\Carbon\Ugo Pelay thermal energy storage 2017.pdf


Yuen, W., Gu, Y., Mao, Y., Koloutsou-Vakakis, S., Rood, M.J. (2017) Performance and Uncertainty in Measuring Atmospheric Plume Opacity Using Compact and Smartphone Digital Still Cameras, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 17(5), 1281-1293, doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.08.0369.

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Yuen DOM DSC uncertainty AAQR.pdf

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Yuen DOM DSC uncertainty AAQR_suppl.pdf


Nelson, A.J., Koloutsou-Vakakis, S., Rood, M.J., Myles, L., Lehmann, C., Bernacchi, C., Balasubramanian, S., Joo, E., Heuer, M., Vieira-Filho, M., Lin, J. (2017) Season-Long Ammonia Flux Measurements above Fertilized Corn in Central Illinois, USA, Using Relaxed Eddy Accumulation, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 239, 202-212.

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Nelson NH3 REA field measurement.pdf


Feng, R., Yan, X., Hu, X., Qiao, K., Yan, Z., Rood, M.J. (2017) High Performance of H3BO3 modified USY and Equilibrium Catalyst with Tailored Acid Sites in Catalytic Cracking, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 243, 319-330.

AQES\Carbon\2017 Feng H3BO3 mod USY catalyst in catalytic cracking.pdf


Balasubramanian, S., Nelson, A., Koloutsou-Vakakis, S., Lin, J., Rood, M.J., Myles, L., Bernacchi, C. (2017) Evaluation of DeNitrification DeComposition Model for Estimating Ammonia Fluxes from Chemical Fertilizer Application, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237-238, 123-134.

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Srinidhi Eval DNDC model estimating NH3 flux.pdf


Tian, J., Brem, B.T., West, M., Bond, T.C., Rood, M.J., Riemer, N. (2017) Simulating Aerosol Chamber Experiments with the Particle-Resolved Aerosol Model PartMC, Aerosol Science and Technology, 856-867,

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Tian Simulating aerosol chamber experiments with PartMC.pdf


Feng, R., Hu, X., Yan, X., Yan, Z., Rood, M.J. (2017) A High Surface Area Mesoporous γ-Al2O3 with Tailoring Texture by Glucose Template for Ethanol Dehydration to Ethylene, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 241, 89-97.

AQES\Carbon\2017 Feng gamma al2O3 ethanol.pdf


Liu, Y., Liu, X., Zhao, L., Lyu, Y., Xu, L., Rood, M.J., Wei, L., Liu, Z., Yan, Z. (2017) Effect of Lanthanum Species on the Physicochemical Properties of La/SAPO-11 Molecular Sieve, Journal of Catalysis, 347, 170-184.

AQES\Carbon\2017 Liu Lanthanum effect in La-SAPO-11 MS.pdf


Ullah, R., Bai, P., Wu, P., Etim, U.J., Zhang, Z., Han, D., Subhan, F., Ullah, S., Rood, M.J., Yan, Z. (2017) Superior Performance of Freeze-Dried Ni/ZnO-Al2O3 Adsorbent in the Ultra-Deep Desulfurization of High Sulfur Model Gasoline, Fuel Processing Technology, 156, 505-514.

AQES\Carbon\2017 Ullah Freeze Dried Ni_ZnO-Al2O3 desulfurization.pdf


Luan, Z., Han, Y., Zhao, T., Liu, F., Liu, C., Rood, M.J., Yang, X., He, Q., Lu, H. (2017) Dust Opacities Inside the Dust Devil Column in the Taklimakan Desert, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 10, 1, 273-279.

AQES\Aerosol\2017 Luan Dust Opaities Taklimakan Desert.pdf


Johnsen, D.L., Emamipour, H., Guest, J.S, Rood, M.J. (2016) Environmental and Economic Assessment of Electrothermal Swing Adsorption of Air Emissions from Sheet-Foam Production Compared to Conventional Abatement Techniques, Environmental Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b05004.



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